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Two moms on a mission to bridge the nation’s diversity gap through children’s books.

Award-winning authors pen second children’s multicultural book after widespread success of The Diwali Gift

Belmont, Calif., June 29, 2016 – 3 Curious Monkeys, the award-winning startup founded by Shweta Chopra and Shuchi Mehta, is running a Kickstarter Campaign to aid in the production of their second book, The Mystery Of The Missing Parathas. 3 Curious Monkeys bring engaging books and Apps to introduce young children to Indian culture in a society where diversity in the media is unfortunately overlooked. Their goal is to create a legacy for Indian American children through lovable characters who inspire kids to connect with their heritage in the most fun and engaging way.

In the second book of the 3 Curious Monkeys series, Suno is throwing her grandmother a going away party and is serving parathas, a special type of Indian flat bread. Unexpectedly, there is a sudden loud crash heard from the kitchen and Suno discovers that the parathas have disappeared. She and her friends Dekho and Jaano work together to uncover the mystery of the missing parathas.

This book allows children to join in with the 3 Curious Monkeys and wear detective hats to uncover clues and find out who stole the missing paratha and in doing so, the 3 Curious Monkeys share their ethnicity and native food with readers of all differing cultural backgrounds.

“Writing a book for children and incorporating our native Indian parathas allow children to take pride in their own food despite differences in Western cuisine. We want to help encourage kids to make and eat food that is different,” said Chopra. “In addition to language, food is a strong cultural marker and we are excited for our 3 Curious Monkeys to share parathas with our readers.”

The Kickstarter Campaign will begins on June 28 and lasts through July 28. Shweta Chopra and Shuchi Mehta are hoping to raise $15,000 to cover production and distribution costs. In return, donors will not only be supporting independent artists but can choose from a host of rewards based on their pledge including free shipping, signed copies of both the Paratha and Diwali books or even translating the book to the Indian language of your choice!

For more information, watch their video here:

About 3 Curious Monkeys

3 Curious Monkeys develops books and apps that bring Indian culture closer to young kids through fun characters that encourage them to see, hear and learn more about their roots. As a company, 3 Curious Monkeys aims to provide the third largest minority in the United States ways to preserve their culture and help pass it on to future generations.


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